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Book your 2024 Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing Charter Today!
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     Your Captain

 I'm your Captain, Scott Bengsch I've been successfully fishing Trout & Salmon on Lake Ontario for over 40 years. I've been growing the Lake Ontario Salmon fishing charter near Rochester NY business for over 13 years now and every year my clients come back for another go around of Lake Ontario Salmon & Trout fishing charters. I have a network of many other Lake Ontario charter fishing captains from my home port of Sandy Creek in Hamlin NY and the neighboring ports to receive and share information with to make it a very successful Lake Ontario fishing charter for you.

 Please call, text or email me anytime with questions or bookings.


Lake Ontario Fishing     Charter Rates

       My Guarantee

  • Open 7 days a week from April thru September!

  • Team building trips

  • Multi boat trips available for larger groups

  • Xmas, Birthday, Father and Mother's day ideas!

* 6 Hour Trip - $560 * 5 Hour Trip - $500  * 4 Hour Eve - $440

*All rates are for 1-4 persons. $100 for each addition person.

*Each additional hour while on your Lake Ontario fishing charter is $60


* The Lake Ontario charter fishing day usually starts at 6am and ends when the time is up or limit catch. Whichever comes first. Either way, payment will be the same.

*$200 deposit required to save date. Deposit refunded for cancellations prior to 2 weeks before scheduled trip.

*"Tipping" the Captain and Mate is appreciated, but only done if your party had a great time and we worked our butts off for you!

*Your catch will be fillet and freezer bagged at the end of your Lake Ontario fishing charter free of charge.

 I guarantee salmon trolling on a Lake Ontario fishing charters with us will be safe, memorable & enjoyable. Lake Ontario Salmon fishing charters with us is a great present for any outdoor enthusiast. We have all the latest on board equipment for monitoring weather conditions while fishing on the big lake. I rely heavily on radar for possible incoming storms and Lake Ontario buoy reports for possible rough wave conditions on the way.

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