Silver Fox Charters
Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Fishing Charters


One of Lake Ontario's premier Trout and Salmon  Fishing Charters, located just 15 miles west of Rochester, NY. Fishing from the beautiful Port of Sandy Creek in Hamlin, NY.

I'm your Captain, Scott Bengsch. I've been successfully fishing Trout & Salmon on Lake Ontario for over 30 years. Iv'e been growing the fishing charter business for about 9 years now and every year my clients come back for another go around of Lake Ontario Salmon & Trout fishing charters. I have a network of many other charter fishing captains from my home port and the neighboring ports to to receive and share information with to make it a very successful Lake Ontario fishing charter for you.

This is my Father Hans Bengsch. He's been Trout and Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario for over 35 years. He'll be the first mate joining us on your Lake Ontario fishing charter. Some Lake Ontario fishing charter captains don't use a mate because of the extra cost, but we do. The safety and experience of my Father is priceless and you are much better for it.

26.5' Penn Yan Pro Hunter equipped with a Mercruiser 350 MPI Fuel Injected/Closed Cooling Engine and United States Coast Guard Inspected Safe!!! 

You will not be uncomfortable in this 10' beam Lake Ontario fishing charter boat! This vessel has more charter fishing room in the back end than most Lake Ontario fishing charter boats of a much larger size. We also have a built in "head" for when nature calls.

The Lake Ontario fishing charter vessel is equipped with 3 of the latest Cannon digi troll 10 downriggers. 2 speed and temp units (Fish Hawk x4 and Moor Sub Troll. 2 top of the line fish finders/gps. For everyone's safety, we also have a Raymarine radar unit for when the weather gets a bit bad or it's very foggy on Lake Ontario. We are equipped with the best fishing rods and reels, such as Daiwa Saltist level wind reels, Okuma and Shakespeare ugly stick fishing rods. Our copper of choice that we like to run on our Okuma Clarion reels is Blood run. Our line of choice for our downrigger rods is McCoy Mean Green 20#.

Priority # 1 is safety for the crew and our clients. You will notice my nose in the smart phone monitoring the weather radar if any inclement weather is on it's way. My lightning indicator will tell me if we should go in or it's just rain and we'll stay out fishing. I'm on top of every situation that Lake Ontario throws at us. I too have a family to go home to.

Silver Fox / Lake Ontario fishing charter / Vessel / Captain

Tons of Salmon Fishing Area for your Lake Ontario fishing charter!

This is my awesome family! My wife Jean & my daughter Mikayla. Without them and their support for my love of Trout and Salmon charter fishing on Lake Ontario, my passion is preserved along with the memories of my many charter fishing clients (that I also call friends)  that were made.